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What's new at CPR?
Breathing New Life into Old Pinballs!

July 2013

Wow, lots of changes this summer at CPR. Stu had been doing such a fine job updating you all I just neglected this page but with Stu now backing off I guess I'll have to get off my butt and keep this page updated a little better.

- Kevin has finally run out of room at his house and we have to relocate to a commercial location. This is scary as its a major commitment and investment for us.

-My CNC shop has also been on the upgrade list for some time. My two small shops had provided almost all the cutting since CPR began, but they were just too small. Our newest CNC, a MultiCAM 1000 is a monster and it cannot be broken down and taken through a normal door so it sat unused in a car trailer for almost 2 yrs. We finally decided now was the time get a building that has a door that can handle this machine. So, the wood shop is partially shut down while I rebuild it into something we can really use, something that means we don't have to shovel a snow path down a large hill, across the grass and hand carry PFs to Kevin's for printing. We have need this type of area for years but just couldn't afford the time or money. With Kevin relocating the screening it was a great opportunity to do the upgrade when he was down and my construction would not slow him down.

- So other than some major changes.... here's what's new...

- Stu and Kevin have spent a small fortune tuning and retuning the CMYK artwork for backglasses over and over again. It's actually much more complicated than I ever thought possible to get what you want out of a CMYK screen. There are a huge amount of variables. We have had spot colors nailed for years but this is something new. From the sounds of it though the boys have it well in hand due to Stu's.... errrr.. dedication, though..... some might call it lunacy. I'm not truly sure what to call it but I am glad we have Stu's energy and drive. :-)

- I think that we have two small boutique PF runs ready to print and the Highspeed PF as well. Strikes and Spares are all cut and glued as are the Fish Tales Mini boat PFs. Keep an eye open for these. It's just a matter of getting every set back up and tweaked perfectly like we had it before we mucked it all up by tearing it apart and moving it.


Oct  2012

- Just a quick review, over the summer which was admittedly very slow for us, we managed to do a small rerun of Flash Gordon, and Firepower and of course the Big Juicy Melons Second Edition. We completed a new run of Silverballmania and Sexy Girl. As for backglasses we just finished rerunning Flight 2000 and did very small runs of Miss World, and Sexy Girl and early in the spring we did a run of EarthShaker plastics.

- So what's next?? Well, lets see.... we are finishing up cutting Mata Hari playfields and will then start cutting Whirlwind right away and then follow on with probably Strikes and Spares. Stu has 15 backglasses ready for us to add into the production queue... these include some really cool ones.... Star Trek prototype glass, well lets see.... and there are quite a few more!

Exciting Stuff

These are Translite to Backglass Conversions With Mirroring