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What's new at CPR?
Breathing New Life into Old Pinballs!

Sept 2014

 Well, the kids are back to school, which means we now have some spare time to get back at our passion for pinball. We've had a fairly busy summer here at CPR as I am everyone has. Stu has been doing re-DONK-ulous amounts of artwork! Barely a day goes by that I don't chat with him on the phone and he's completed some new art project. He's a machine!

As you probably all know there has been some major changes in sources drying up and cost increases in the last year. As always we endevour to keep our prices fair and reasonable so everyone can enjoy our products. We used to charge $500 a PF which we thought was very fair, while others were demanding over $1000. Well,  we're sad to say those days are now long gone as everything keeps getting more expensive. A single playfield blank of wood used to cost us $25 and now it's nearly 4x that!! And I have to cut them to size which puts further strains on production.  Inserts used to be as little as .08 cents each and just today I paid .74 each for something that should be 1/3 or even 1/4 of that. But when you need that insert you have little choice. In the last year we have brought over $135,000 worth of new equipment. It's getting very expensive to make pinball products! So like I said, we'll always try to keep our prices reasonable and in line with the amount of effort and work that goes into making what I believe is by far the best products available to breath live into your old pins... the CPR way.

We are well into cutting ToTAN PFs and this is a first for us. I have the MultiCAM set up to cut the entire PF at once, the front of one and then the back of another. We are using all 6 tools and it's working like a charm. This frees the Shopbot up to make another short run title.... thinking maybe Joker Poker.... not 100% sure yet.... but I'll try and keep you posted!