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What's new at CPR?
Breathing New Life into Old Pinballs!

May 12 2015

Here's what's going on with us! The ToTAN playfields had to be split into two runs because we just aren't equipped to print that many PFs at one time. We have material in stock though for the whole run so we'll begin cutting the second batch as right after TAF or Fishtales. The first batch finished screening a few minutes ago and Kevin is very happy with the quality and alignment.  He went to some crazy lengths to ensure the printing surface was as close to glass as we could get, which makes a superior image during silk screening.

Next up will be Gottlieb Joker Poker PFs which guys have been pretty excited about. Then we have a small run of Corvette Playfields over getting ready to print. Stu did a great job of making the artwork true to the original and yet better :-) Jim Heck did a spectacular job with Medusa and we are about half done cutting Medusa! So look for those Playfields soon. I am doing CAD work on Fishtales right now whiich would be printed after JP and Medusa, unless  the supplies for The Addams Family arrive first. If the material show up in time, we'll just cut TAF ahead of Fishtales.

First Medusa off the CNC


Oct 1 2014

Just a quick update; We have 92 ToTAN Pfs cut so far and when we hit about 100 we'll effectively run out of room to move in the shop so we'll switch over to sanding and filling so that we can move these outta my shop and over to Kevin's. Then it's right back to cutting. Kevin will seal and further sand, dimple the backs and generally get them ready to print. Once he has about 150 which is about his max due to drying rack space he'll start printing and we'll get to see how all this hard work is shaping up.

We'll be testing out our new sander. It's a Woodmaster 5075-X2 50 inch double drum sander bad boy. This will allow us to finally look at the wide body PFs and hopefully work much more efficiently than our old General International 25 inch sander which wasn't really wide enouigh to effectively even do narrow bodies. It worked but was horrendously hard on the sanding paper. 


Take a look at ToTAN being cut below!