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The latest Translite-to-Backglass conversion project at CPR !
This time Swords of Fury gets the overhaul treatment to replace its lackluster paper translite.
As with most translites, backlighting produces relatively poor contrast results due to the black areas glowing
at 80-90% grey (instead of true black).  Like with televisions that have poor black levels or contrast ratios, translites
provide a relatively poorer illuminated image.  This is where our ongoing Translite-to-Backglass mission comes in...

The only true way to outperform an original factory translite is to take the leap to a true backglass.
Thicker, silkscreened inks are only the beginning...not only do they glow beautifully when backlit, but they maintain
their color saturation better, without "bleaching out" in appearance.  So the colors "pop" instead of wash out.
With real glass and silkscreening comes two other major bonuses:  mirroring and a lightblock (greyed) backside !

The mirroring adds our tasteful interpretation of what the SoF glass "could have been" had it been original.
The lightblock backside masks the artwork in a way that further deepens the contrasts, pops the art, and blackens
the blacks to true 100% black.  An absolutely stunning result, as shown below.

Please note - this was NOT a "reproduction" effort, and is in no way meant to mimic the look of a paper translite.
It is an entirely new CPR creation, meant to completely replace (and upgrade) the original SoF translite.

The money shot.  Here is a backlit full shot of the SoF mirrored Translite-to-Backglass.
Created with the intention of providing a significant facelift to your game.

MIRROR BITS - this diagram shows where all the custom mirror bits have been added
into the artwork.  Our vision of what it should have been.  Tasteful amount, not excessive.


You'll never have thought how important true 100% black is, until you see how it plays on this backglass.
It's like the artwork is floating in space, and it's soooo much cooler.


Here is what the glass looks like unlit, plain photos of it laying on a table.
Plus a look at the backside, revealing our new lightblock layer - where the magic happens!