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Artwork by DAVID EISNER, CPR Art Team

General Playfield Overview

Detailed Closeups


So why would you want a reproduction?  Sometimes pictures speak a thousand words.
Let's take a look at how dramatic of a fresh start a new playfield for your Joker Poker makes...

Side by side.  The true tale of the tape.  From this broad overview, the first thing easily noticed is the return
to the original clean colors.  As seen further down below, most of the original colors currently only reside underneath
posts and rails on your original playfield.  Now you can enjoy those colors back out on all the visible areas !


The Same Player Shoots Again insert on many originals has turned a variety of strange colors.
Some lucky people still have the original violet insert, but most have seen their violet fade out to a strange
gross orange, brown, or puke color.   It's also worth noting the "flipper halos" where the light has been shielded
for decades... leaving a brighter woodgrain.   Your repro's clearcoat benefits from UV protection properties,
so you will never have to deal with the transition to halos in your woodgrain ever again.


Center playfield.  You get your inserts back into check, plus nice crisp playing cards.
All original playfields will suffer from cracked/released inserts, with the typical ring lines around each insert,
splitting the black rings with an ugly white line.  The arrow inserts will greatly benefit on the repro, as they will
return to their arrow-only glow (a pure black circle with a glowing yellow arrow) - no messy lit edges !
Original playfields have fairly "gainy" blackline on the playing cards (blackline smooged a bit wide) which ruined
a lot of the detail in the playing cards.  On the repro, you will rejoice in nice sharp playing card artwork.


Color me blue.  Ball swirls and ground-in dirt.  The only "true blue" is under your posts.
It's clear most of the colors on original Joker Poker playfields have deepened due to dirt and exposure.  Just look at
the white for starters.  Under your rails, the white has remained clean and bright.  Same goes for the colors.
Look above the queen-of-diamonds target... you can see the original preserved blue that hid under the post.
The repro brings you a clean, shiny, bright restoration to all the colors.  The clearcoat will never allow a ball swirl
or ground-in dirt ever again.


We centered-up the hole artwork.  Another violet insert, back to violet again !
Here is another violet insert that's on the playfield.  The one above was sanded 1/32" off to reveal the internal dye
in the plastic.  Again, most people see these as brownish or puke colored today.  Not anymore !
We did a small correction on the artwork surrounding the hole, just for that little extra tweak to center it better.


Pink versus Red.   Plus, the pop bumper dirt factory can end right now !
Most originals have their pink darkened & dirtied soooo much, that there is barely a contrast between pink and red.
You will finally be returned to the pink and red that stand out from each other.  Your pink was never mean to be
a deep dusty rose.  Come aboard the time machine, and go back to the new-in-box colors.
The pop bumper area, mylared or not, on originals became a dirt factory... producing powdered red paint.
You can now enjoy a mylar-free, clean, durable pop bumper zone.  No more paint powdering.


The top arch.  A beautiful area of woodgrain and "floating artwork"
The original beauty of this area comes through a LOT better, once you see it clean.  Not only can you kiss goodbye
all those wear marks and darkened/dirty areas....  but now you can actually SEE the layering trick Gottlieb used
with the "pink bubbles" that speckled off the artwork edge onto the woodgrain.  The bubbles became two-toned
as they left the edge of the white basecoat underlay.  This created a transition of pink-to-rose - that is barely
visible on most originals today.  Look closely at your own.  Did you know the bubbles were two-toned here ?

PREORDER GROUP BEING CONTACTED August 18th to September 20th.
Please be patient, as usual we contact the group in waves of 15-20 people at a time,
every few days, to get these out the door in an orderly fashion.