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O U T D O O R   G A L L E R Y
Artwork by STUART WRIGHT, CPR Art Team


The FIRE playfield does warrant some production notes, as it was one of the stranger playfields to tackle, for CPR to date.
Our first discovery was that this playfield has at least two (maybe more) distinct versions - mostly defined by the art layout as
the quickest identifier.  Many FIRE playfields out there are printed with black (or near-black) substituted for the chocolate brown.
This is most apparent in the flipper/lanes areas (surrounding the golden leaves), as well as the upper playfield areas heading into
the orbit and right up the middle.  Some playfields are a dark dark brown - so dark it looks black... and others are true black.

With the undeniable theme of FIRE being based on brown (just look at the cabinet and apron), we chose the Brown design as the
preferred version of the playfield.  There were also distinct differences in the upper right (top of shooter lane) artwork, and we opted to
follow the design of the "group of 3" and "group of 2" switch rollovers, rather than (5) individual openings.

Many of the factory FIRE playfields out there have the burning buildings as turquiose-peach-blue, but we opted for the much more
contrasting turquoise-peach-violet layout.  We're not sure if the factory "blue" building is simply color-shifted violet, or if it was truly
a gaffe in color mixing one of the runs.  Regardless, we feel the violet (three distinct building colors that are different) is better.

On the physical design front, FIRE features two large hidden thick plastic windows - permanently embedded into the gameboard, and
seamlessly ground down as part of the continuous wood surface - so the artwork flawlessly covers over them without gap or removal.
Unlike Haunted House or Black Hole, or any other playfield with a routed window opening - these windows weren't installed as
something that is tweaked and leveled via little foam rests and Allen-keys.  These had to be inlaid like giant flushmount panels,
and they had to be perfectly level with the wood surface to match flatness.  We found the design of the smaller FIRE logo window
to be extremely poor (a rectangular window behind an emblem-shaped piece of artwork) and thought it was ugly that when the
lights came on, you see a rectangular glow behind the logo.  We designed a custom-cut window that scaled exactly to the
size and shape of the FIRE logo, and now the logo illuminates exactly in the shape it should.

Lastly, the FIRE playfield involved a strange hidden under-layer (printed even underneath the white base) that we've never performed before.
It acts similar to the lightblock layer on the back of a backglass.  An extra-opaque black enamel layer that shapes/eliminates the light
from underneath insert graphics, the ladder shot logo, and of course the burning building flames & windows.  They also used it for the
"secret multiplier windows" where 2X 3X 4X etc. are not revealed until illuminated.  We found that the Williams
blocking layer was quite weak, and when illuminated you could still see the shapes of the insert(s) or embedded windows.
We printed using a super-opaque enamel, and our reproduction lightblock layer is 2X to 3X lightfast, as compared to factory.
This makes the contrast of those playfield features much much more impressive, and shaped as the designers intended.
We even added our own lightblock underlay to the "flaming arrows" - so when they light up they are shaped as the artwork - instead of the
factory look of "three sided arrows lighting up underneath flame-shaped arrow artwork".  Now those flame-shapes are improved bigtime.

See bottom of Gallery for comparison photos.

REPRODUCTION (left) - brown design  -vs- FACTORY USED (right) - common "black" version


The CPR reproduction preserves the intended lightblock techniques as found on the Williams originals, with improvements in
layer opacity.  This playfield is backlit by the sun.  Note that the 2X 3X 4X etc. glow in their cream-colored windows, but are hidden
when dark.  Also note how there is no indication that there is a large plastic window embedded in the wood.  We made sure the
opacity of our lightblocking layer was 2X to 3X darker than Williams used.  Thus only the intended areas of the inserts/flames/windows
glow with light.  Note the white window frames, walls, roofs, etc do not glow whatsoever... they stay dark.  As intended.

Here is the factory masking/lightblock as found on originals.  The black is thin, usually cracked up, and not completely lightfast.

Here is CPR's improved masking with our extra-opaque enameling hidden behind the artwork.   2X to 3X as opaque as factory.

Factory window behind the FIRE logo.  Rectangular.  Gross.  When lit, you see a rectangle behind your artwork from the front.

CPR's custom window behind the FIRE logo.  With corrected masking to match.  Now your logo will illuminate in its exact shape,
with the glow ending exactly at the yellow/red border around the logo artwork on the front.

Factory Original - FIRE logo lit from rear, using a regular flashlight.  Rectangular window is obvious.  Ugly artwork cropping.

CPR Reproduction - FIRE logo lit from rear, using a regular flashlight.  Custom shaped window by CPR.  Your logo glows perfectly.