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MUST DO:  Removal of original metal posts

Your original Flight 2000 plastics set has a unique bunch of posts that were actually embedded into the plastics themselves.  Similar to rivets, these cannot simply be "snapped out".  These posts are found in the return lane plastics as well as throughout the maze clears. There is a simple procedure in removing these, and they MUST be removed in order to use them with your new set of reproduction plastics.

Load up a drill with a nice sharp titanium 3/16 drill bit.  Why titanium? The bit must be capable of biting metal.  These bits are typically a golden color (not silver or chrome).  Grab the metal post by its bell using needlenose pliers.  Don't grip the pliers too tight or you will dent your posts!  Start your drill spinning, and begin to push the bit into the TOP of the rivet hole... let the drill slowly strip away the metal... POP... the post will spin right off the plastic.  Do this for all your embedded posts.  It is normal for a little ring of metal to stay embedded in the original plastic.

If you need to SEE this procedure being done, Mike and I made a video of the procedure.
This is a 16 MB video file from a digital camera.  May take some time to download.


When installing your new plastics, use these posts exactly as they were intended, except they aren't "embedded" into your plastics anymore.  Carefully slip them into place (don't scratch the ink on your plastics) one by one as you put your screws back in (maze and return lanes).

See how the metal posts work exactly as intended with the repro plastics.  The force of your screw keeps everything nice and tight.  The need of them being embedded into the plastics is obsolete.


To make the repro plastics look even nicer, we HIGHLY recommend you purchase brand new shiny screws and throw away your old ones.  You will need three sizes:  short ones for the rails, medium ones for the return lanes, and long ones for the maze.  New screws glisten really shiny and look great with your glossy new repro plastics.

A personal touch that you may choose to employ is using chrome finishing washers in combination with new screws.  This not only protects your plastics from screw turns, but they simply LOOK GREAT.  You can use them under post nuts AND screws.  Some use them EVERYWHERE.  These washers are available at Home Depot and such.  Once you are done the plastic installation, you step back and the playfield looks like it's studded with jewels.  Some people may not like this idea, but this is only offered as a personal opinion.  Here is a photo of an F2K maze area done with this technique:


Another word of advice is to get rid of all those white plastic post nuts.  Some of you may even have brown or black rubber ones.  Either way, this is another personal opinion for you to decide for yourself.  If you have access to any standard 6-sided hollow-metal post caps, use those.  They were standard on Gottlieb games throughout the 80's.  They can be stripped from Gottlieb System 80 games.  Run them for 3 days in a polisher and BAM...perfect chrome!!  They happen to fit on Stern and Bally post bolts too. These may be found at Home Depot, but they're usually the solid ones.  Continuing with a cosmetic theme of SHINY IS BETTER, it is recommended topping your post bolts with these.  Yes, you can use the finishing washers underneath those too.  Look at the maze photo above and you'll see the nuts behind the drop targets.